Steam Bath Generator

There is a large selection of steam generators on the market. Below you will find tips for choosing the best steam generator for your home.

The size of the steam room is the most important thing to consider when choosing a steam generator. Other considerations include how often the bath will be used and the location where the generator will be installed.

Most steam generators are powered with electricity, there are a few gas steam generators but these are generally for commercial use. Keep in mind when choosing a location that there will need to be electrical access.

Generators are measured by their output capacity in cubic feet. This refers to the size of the steam bath. Measure the cubic feet of the steam bath by taking the length times the width and then times the height of the enclosure.

Depending on the type of material used to construct the steam bath a higher capacity generator may be required. Some materials such as concrete or marble absorb heat so the cubic foot capacity of the generator will have to be increased. Other materials such as glass, stone and slate also absorb heat. Additional capacity must be added for exterior walls and high ceilings also.

For example if the bath is 2 ft wide, 8 ft long, and 8 ft high, the enclosure is 128 cubic feet. If the walls and ceilings are covered with ceramic tile a generator rated 120 cubic feet to 130 cubic feet can be used. However, if the walls and ceilings include glass or stone, the steam generator should be rated approximately 250 cubic feet.


Larger sized generators with higher capacity are more expensive because they require more material in construction. Prices normally also vary between manufacturers for units of the same size. The price is also affected by the quality of machinery and amount of aftermarket service the manufacturer offers. Steam generators with substantial warranty will generally offer good quality components therefore making them a higher price.

Some units offer extra features such as sensors that detect problems in water or electrical supply. These sensors can be useful in determining problems that may arise while using the generator.

Steam Generator Shower Review

There are several well-known manufacturers of residential units among these are: Steam-Whirl, Steamist, Thermasol and Amerec. All of these companies offer both industrial and residential units, and back up their products with guarantees. Their pricing is quite comparable, although some offer special features such as aroma pumps and advanced steam controls.

A plumber should be able to recommend a particular generator. He can give advice about capacity and also installation areas on the property.

A building contractor may also be needed to make modifications unless the bath is built to accommodate a steam bath. Before installing a steam bath it is a good idea to understand the cost involved and the work required.

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