Sauna Kits

For those that would like to install a sauna in their home, it is important to know that half the cost of installation can be saved by installing a kit or prefabricated sauna. Prefaba are often called pre cut sauna rooms or modular sauna rooms.

Installing a kit or prefabricated sauna in the home is easier than many think. Anyone with basic tool skills should be able to handle the task without much difficulty. prefabricated saunas are easier than kits because they fit together in a few minutes using only a simple Allen key.

What is the Difference?

A sauna kit is packaged containing all the pieces necessary to build the sauna. Assembling the kit is generally straightforward and can be accomplished with only a few simple tools. A prefabricated sauna is easier yet because it has been assembled into two or three large pieces prior to purchase and only needs to be connected together.

Since a prefabricated sauna has already had the majority of the assembly work done, it is usually more expensive than a comparable sized sauna kit. If time is limited the additional cost may be worth it because a prefabricated sauna can be assembled and ready for operation in approximately half an hour.

Sauna Kits

Sauna kits require more assembly skills than prefabricated saunas but represent a greater savings in labor when compared to building a unit from scratch. All of the materials have been precut, so the only thing left to do is read the instructions and fit the pieces together correctly.

Unlike prefabricated saunas a sauna kit can be installed into an existing space like a closet or small room. prefabricated saunas are usually too large to safely maneuver into a small space and are more commonly used as a freestanding unit.

Sauna kits are available in a large variety of sizes and shapes. They can be custom made for unusual spaces.

Most kits require the installer to provide framework and wiring necessary for the sauna. Those converting small rooms into saunas should begin by stripping the existing wallboards off the frames. When completed the area should be insulated and also have a vapor barrier installed over the insulation.

An electrician may be needed to provide wiring for the heater. Once this preparation work is accomplished the kit is simply attached to the existing framework and the heater is connected to the power supply. Depending on the size of the unit and the time allowed for work this could be accomplished in one day.

prefabricated saunas

Prebuilt (modular) saunas are quite easy to set up. They consist of two to three large sections that connect. They are usually freestanding and can be placed anywhere. The wiring and lighting are installed prior to purchase, and some companies include the heater and all accessories needed for the sauna.

Prior to purchasing a prefabricated sauna, make certain that all pieces will fit through the doorways in the home. Most companies will specify the minimum size of doorway required.

A nice advantage of prefabricated saunas is their portability. The sauna can be taken down and reinstalled in a new home. However this is not the type of sauna to take on vacations or other short outings.

A permanently installed sauna may add to the resale value of the home, the extra money may allow for installation of a new sauna in the new home.

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