Sauna Accessories

Saunas are fairly simple in nature. They require only heat and water. No special equipment or extra gear is needed. Despite this there are a few accessories that will make the experience even more enjoyable.

Saunas are appealing because of their natural beauty. The wood lined walls, ceilings and floor are as attractive as they are functional. When accessories are chosen they should compliment the natural beauty of the sauna. Wood, copper or cotton accessories work very well in saunas.

All saunas require a pail and ladle for applying water to the rocks. Many attractive sets are available in wood or copper. Wood pails fit in naturally with the panels of the sauna, but copper pails provide a nice accent. The ladle chosen should have a long handle to allow bathers to keep their hands away from the steam when water is poured over the hot rocks.

Another necessity is a sauna light. Unless the unit has windows and is built outside, at least one light is necessary. Sauna lamps need to be designed to provide a vapor barrier between the housing and casing. They can be installed on the walls and fitted with a lampshade to provide a relaxing, soft light.

A convenient accessory for the sauna is a towel rack attached to the exterior wall of the unit. This provides a place for hanging robes and towels. A wood towel rack provides a nice complement to the wood interior or the sauna.

Thermometers and timers are among the accessories needed for a sauna. These are particularly useful for bathers who are new to the sauna experience. There are several types of thermometers available in metal or wood casings. They attach to the wall of the sauna and allow the bather to be certain the temperature stays within a certain range. Hygrometers are also available to measure the moisture in the unit.

Timers are also useful for bathers. A distinctive type of timer is the hourglass which uses sand to track the amount of time spent in the sauna. When the sand runs out, flip the timer over for another session.

If the benches are uncomfortable to sit on, there are a variety of back and leg rests available to provide relaxing seating positions. These are made of wood and fit in naturally with the sauna.

Another wood accessory available is a brush set used for brushing the skin. The natural bristles of sauna brushes provide an invigorating sensation and are soft enough to be used on all parts of the body.

Fragrance can be added to the steam water for a unique experience. Several aromas are available including eucalyptus, herbal extract and pine or birch. When the water is placed on the rocks, the scent will fill the air for a refreshing alternative.

For bathers that love the sauna experience but don't have regular access to a sauna bath a sauna suit may be an alternative. These are primarily designed for weight loss and can be worn while exercising or doing housework to promote perspiration. Although they are not quite the same as a real sauna, they do offer many of the same benefits achieved through heavy perspiration. They cleanse the skin and promote a healthy glow.

Sauna suits are made of nylon or vinyl and fit tightly around the wrists and neck to seal in body heat. To alleviate dehydration drink plenty of liquids when using a sauna suit.

All of these accessories make lovely gifts. These accessories can provide even greater enjoyment of the sauna experience.

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