Portable Saunas

There is no argument about the health benefits saunas provide. They are good for circulation, healthy skin, and promote relaxation. Are there any possible drawbacks? Yes, they are not accessible enough!

To use a sauna bathers have to go to a health club or have one installed in their home. There is an alternative however. Portable saunas allow bathers to take their sauna nearly anywhere - in the home, on business trips, on vacations and even at the office.

Portable saunas come in two common styles. The first is a folding box like structure for one person. This sauna can be used nearly anywhere and is truly portable. The second is much like a traditional sauna it is wood lined and has doors and benches. This type can be moved if you are relocating but it isn't for use on vacations, etc.

Folding Sauna

The folding sauna is both practical and economical. It folds up into a package that can be taken anywhere. It is easy to set up and doesn't require special plumbing or electrical connections. It can be plugged into any wall outlet.

Bathers sit in the sauna with their heads and hands protruding from the unit. It fits snugly around the neck and has small slits for the hands. This allows bathers to read, watch T. V. or talk on the phone while using the sauna. All of these things would not be possible with a traditional sauna.

Far Infrared (FIR) is the heat source for this type of sauna. FIR heats only people and objects and not the air that surrounds them. Infrared is a natural light spectrum and is the type of heat that provides most of the warmth from the sun.

FIR heat travels deep into body tissues where it promotes increased blood circulation and metabolism. Many proponents of FIR say that it allows the body to break down toxins and promote healing. Whether or not this is true, FIR offers an adequate heat source that is ideal for portable saunas.

Pre-Built Saunas

There is no doubt about the convenience of portable saunas but there will be times when a bather wants a 'real' sauna experience. Luckily it isn't necessary to go through the hassle of having a sauna permanently installed to experience a 'real' sauna.

Pre-built saunas are two to three piece units that can be put together in less than half an hour and can be placed nearly anywhere. They offer much of the same things a traditional sauna does right down to the wood benches. They plug into a regular outlet to supply electricity for the heaters and lights.

Pre-built saunas generally use Far Infrared heaters to provide heat. Pre-built saunas are available in many sizes and generally accommodate one to five people. Some manufactures include optional components such as CD players.


The advantages of portable units are obvious - they can be used anywhere. When used in the home they save a large amount of space because they can be folded and stored under a bed.

Pre-built saunas also have advantages. Even though they are less portable than a portable unit they still offer the possibility of taking the sauna when relocating.

Disadvantages? The heat build-up of this type of sauna is less than what is found with a traditional sauna because the walls are much thinner. Pre-built saunas are insulated to allow for similar heat build up, but the small structure leaves some bathers feeling claustrophobic.

Those that don't want the expense and hassle of installing a permanents sauna find portables and pre-built allow them to get all the benefits of a sauna with limited drawbacks.

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